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I2P STATUS NOTES FOR 2008-02-01 - Blog

  • Posted: 2008-02-01
  • Author: I2P devs


Status Update 01/2008

Due to a server breakdown of beginning of 2008 the I2P project page wasn't reachable.
The only person who's got access (jrandom) to reactivate that server is offline and NOT 
reachable for us at least for 10 more month. It wasn't even possible to get the installer or
the seednodes to start a fresh router.
In the last few weeks we got 2 webserver by friendly helpers as donations and setup a complete
redundant solution for the vital parts of I2P.
The two webservers ( and run both off the same database and 
should always carry latest news, installers and dev documentation.
Also new monotone servers got setup to replace the old CVS server on These monotone 
servers run on both of the public servers and you can reach them under: or (or via I2P: mtn.i2p2.i2p and mtn.i2p-projekt.i2p).
A guide on how to check out code and built a own install package will be setup soon on this page.
Due to the shutdown of we also needed to setup a new seednodes server 
(, a new news.xml server and new updateserver.
We can't use the old links in releases and before as all these point to which 
is not reachable.
All these changes will be wrapped into the new released, planned to be released in mid
of Feb 2008.
The new release will NOT be signed by jrandom anymore instead by zzz or/and complication. You
will find the keys on the official webpage soon.

A big thank you to all donators and people helping in getting a solution to the breakdown and
replacement of

Sorry for the inconvenience the last month but we were hit unprepared and spent our rare spare
time to give you the best experience we could offer.

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