I2P Easy Install Bundle (Beta) for Windows

This is an "All-in-One" installer for Windows 10 which includes the complete I2P desktop software and all of its dependencies in a single, easy-to-install package. It is built on the premise that I2P should be easy, and that we should help our users get their initial configuration in place instead of requiring an elaborate install process. To learn more about the Firefox profile that comes bundled with this installer, visit The Firefox Profile Page.

The latest I2P Easy-Install bundle for Windows has been released unsigned. Please verify that the hashes match the downloads when installing the bundle.

What do I need to use it?

Just Firefox (Or Tor Browser). This installer still requires Firefox to be installed on the system, it does not bundle a Firefox installer of its own. Please obtain Firefox from Mozilla, or Tor Browser from the Tor Project or one of their mirrors. If you would like to discuss supporting other browsers, please join the discussionon the Gitlab Issue. This is a Windows-only product.

Why should I use it?

This installer package reduces the number of steps required to install an I2P router on Windows from about 30 to a matter of completing a single, familiar installer process, combining the I2P installation and Browser configuration into the same steps. Besides that, it launches the user directly into the automatically configured I2P browser with their applications ready-to-use, with no need to refer to potentially unhelpful system-wide Windows settings. The I2P it uses is otherwise identical to the "regular" I2P.

How do I use it?

First, download and install Firefox, then, just download and install this installer(below). To start an installer, "double-click" the downloaded .exe file.

Running the installer will create a shortcut to start browsing I2P in your start menu and on your desktop. Clicking this shortcut will start I2P if necessary, then start an I2P Browser. On the first run, you will also be promted with the bandwidth wizard in your browser window. You will also see a "Toopie" icon in your taskbar to indicate that I2P is working when the browser window is closed.

I2P Browsing uses a separate, I2P-Only Firefox profile, so it won't interfere with your regular Firefox use or require any special configuration. You don't even need to close existing Firefox windows.


Download that file and complete the steps it shows.

What is in it?

A Jpackaged I2P Router: The I2P router is "jpackaged" which means that it includes all the required Java components it needs to run successfully. It does not require a separate Java installation, because it bundles a Java Runtime which is only used for I2P.

Browser Extensions: The browser profile also includes both the NoScript and HTTPSEverywhere plugin for better protection Javascript based attacks and HTTPS support where available. It also keeps your I2P search activity separate from your visible internet search activity. The profile configures the I2P Proxy for all sites and browser features. I2P In Private Browsing is used to provide I2P-Specific browser integrations.

Source Code and Issue Tracking

If you would like to examine the source code for individual components, you may find it on i2pgit.org or github.com. The license for each respective component can be found in the license directory of the i2p.firefox project.
If you wish to file an issue about the Firefox profile, please use Gitlab to contact us. For security-sensitive issues, please remember to check the "This issue is confidential and should only be visible to team members with at least Reporter access" option when filing the issue.

How is it different from Tor Browser?

This is not a fork of Firefox. Instead, it is a browser profile with pre-configured settings, combined with an I2P router and some launcher scripts. That means that it requires Firefox(Or Tor Browser) to be installed before you can use it. This is for security reasons, it is important that you are able to recieve reliable updates from a trustworthy vendor.

I2P routers are designed to have long uptimes, and so unlike Tor Browser, the lifetime of your I2P Router is not tied to the lifetime of your I2P browsing session. The browser profile will manage your history, your browser's local storage and cache, and your browsing context but it will never stop your I2P router on its own. You may stop the router using the web interface on the router console homepage.