I2P dev meeting, July 5, 2016 @ 21:00 UTC

Quick recap

  • Present:

dg, psi, sadie, str4d, Zerolag, zzz

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21:00:23 <zzz> 0) Hi
21:00:23 <zzz> 1) HOPE update (zzz) http://zzz.i2p/topics/1968
21:00:23 <zzz> 2) 0.9.27 update (zzz)
21:00:23 <zzz> 3) Summer of X update (sadie/str4d)
21:00:27 <zzz> 0) Hi
21:00:29 <zzz> hi
21:00:47 <psi> hi
21:00:48 <zzz> 1) HOPE update (zzz) http://zzz.i2p/topics/1968
21:00:48 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Hi
21:01:13 <zzz> ok, HOPE is in 2 1/2 weeks. The possible lunch meeting with Lance on Friday is still TBD
21:01:42 <zzz> please keep friday lunch open, I don't expect we will know if it's off or on until that week
21:01:49 <zzz> looking forward to seeing everybody there
21:01:54 <zzz> anything else on 1) ?
21:02:06 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] I'm now guaranteed to not be there
21:02:20 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Timing has not been in my favour ;_;
21:02:51 <psi> i am not going to hope this year it seems
21:03:14 <i2pr> [Slack/sadie] I will be at HOPE
21:03:38 <zzz> 2) 0.9.27 update (zzz)
21:04:13 <zzz> .27 is progressing slowly, as expected. At this rate, the .27 release will be pushed from August to Sept.
21:04:31 <zzz> while we focus on X stuff, and perhaps, NTCP2
21:04:47 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Fine with me
21:04:50 <zzz> that OK with everybody?
21:05:02 <dg> There's nothing to rush on, so OK
21:05:09 <dg> ultimately we will release when we need to
21:05:28 <zzz> 26 seems really stable. The only thing is the bote class not found thing, which we're awaiting followup info for on trac
21:05:52 <dg> There was something to do with the Debian package which I found as an issue
21:05:56 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] And that gives us a chance to get work done in August on plugins into .27
21:05:57 <zzz> and if it's what I think it is, we could fix it with a simple change and deb/ubuntu rebuild only
21:06:00 <dg> Will save it for a ticket though. 
21:06:12 <zzz> anything else on 2) ?
21:06:38 <psi> does .27 affect anything in i2pd?
21:07:19 <zzz> there's ipv6 peer testing, yes. i2pd shouldn't bump to 27 until it's supported
21:07:39 <psi> okay
21:07:50 <zzz> doesn't have to be on the java schedule though
21:07:53 <zzz> anything else on 2) ?
21:08:42 <zzz> 3) Summer of X update (sadie/str4d)
21:08:51 <zzz> sadie, str4d, what's going on?
21:08:52 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Not yet, I think?
21:08:55 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Ah yep
21:08:55 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] No
21:10:30 <zzz> perils of using a relay for the meeting?
21:10:40 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] I think it's been going well so far
21:10:55 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] We're a month in now, and have had three (IIRC) blog posts out about it
21:11:46 <zzz> ok, what are we doing in july?
21:12:02 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Apps
21:12:05 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Outreach
21:12:15 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] So I'll be working with Tahoe-LAFS
21:12:29 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] On their I2P integration
21:13:12 <zzz> any volunteers to work on transmission and/or libtorrent? Those seem to be swamps of brokenness right now
21:13:14 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] And also submitting a PR to update lightning Browser's I2P library
21:13:45 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Yeah, it's never too late to pick up another API
21:13:59 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Other projects I'd like to see us help this month:
21:14:02 <zzz> the outreach part is key, lets get the word out via twitter and email
21:14:08 <psi> what was done in transmission before?
21:14:31 <zzz> there's a i2p fork for transmission, see the zzz.i2p thread
21:14:33 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] psi, SAM support
21:14:52 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] In libtorrent
21:14:54 <psi> that was before libsam3 wasn't it?
21:14:58 <psi> i'd guess it has totally bit rotted
21:15:09 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] (I keep forgetting transmission doesn't use that)
21:15:23 <zzz> sadie, what do you have planned for July PR?
21:15:31 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Mmm, a clean fork might be easier
21:15:58 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] As I was saying, the other projects I have ideas for:
21:16:01 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] - IPFS (Go and Python impls)
21:16:27 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] - OpenBazaar (will soon use IPFS)
21:16:34 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] - ZeroNet
21:17:02 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Any of these would be good candidates for someone to help out
21:17:33 <villain> hello i2peeps :) zzz: I've just sent a patch for the website, hope it will be delivered 
21:17:38 <psi> i have yet to figure out ipfs' contribution guide
21:17:45 <zzz> ok great. Anything else on 3) ? Sadie?
21:18:05 <zzz> thx villain, we're in the middle of a meeting, I'll look for it later
21:18:06 <psi> i'd love to get into IPFS but haven't figured out how.
21:18:25 <Zerolag> I'd love to get my hands on ZeroNet. See how well it goes over i2p.
21:18:28 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Psi, I can have a look this weekend at how they onboard
21:19:08 <psi> Zerolag: last time i checked adding i2p to zeronet should be pretty easy since they already have boilerplate for tor
21:19:11 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Zerolag, great! They are torrent-based, so would need modifying to our torrent spec
21:19:21 <psi> also, i2p.socket is getting there
21:19:33 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] (to support clearnet and I2P torrents side by side)
21:19:54 <psi> zeronet uses mainline bittorrent?
21:20:01 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Not sure
21:20:17 <psi> i am pretty sure it doesn't but then again...
21:20:22 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] (what impl they use)
21:20:36 <zzz> Anything else on 3) ? Sadie?
21:20:58 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] psi, they user Bitcoin crypto and the bittorrent network
21:21:39 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] I think Sadie might have double booked this meeting
21:21:49 <zzz> moving on then. anything else for the meeting?
21:22:21 <zzz> everybody ok with 9 PM again? I see echelon isn't here, maybe due to time change, maybe not
21:22:46 <psi> 9 pm works for me
21:22:46 <Zerolag> str4d alright, what is the i2p spec for torrent?
21:23:09 * zzz warms up the baffer
21:23:12 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Nothing else from me other than: pick a project and help them out! :-)
21:23:31 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] 9pm is perfect for me
21:24:05 <Zerolag> I'll be here 9pm for sure
21:24:15 <i2pr> [Slack/str4d] Zerolag, see the I2P website (Docs -> Apps -> BitTorrent)
21:24:19 * zzz *baffffs* the meeting closed